Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ChristinHendricks a Movie Premiere Dress: Love It or Really Love It?

Fashion is my Passion...Do you love fashion? I graduated college majoring in fashion design and fashion marketing, so I can talk fashion for DAYS!! I am founder and co-owner of The Fashion Go 2 Gals. I am here to share my fashion thoughts and just shine my light in the fashion industry! I have a new contributor, Monica Jones, who is a young and talented designer on the rise.One of them stars on the Emmy Awards' most Outstanding Comedy.
The other stars on the Emmy Awards' most Outstanding Drama.
Both routinely turn heads with their voluptuous figures.

If there's anyone that could give a Christina Hendricks dress a run for its money, it's Modern Family's Sofia Vergara - although both she and the Mad Men star were relatively covered up last night. Relatively. Who was the best dressed? Vote in our poll below!

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