Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Katy Perry's fury: Russell Brand spends the night with new girl

The ink on his divorce papers isn't even dry, but Russell Brand's already back to his playboy ways - and his ex Katy Perry's fuming.

Just three days after the couple agreed on a divorce settlement, the former sex addict was caught red-handed with a new woman.

Russ, 36, was seen taking a pretty brunette back to his LA pad after a night at Hollywood's Largo theatre on 11 February.

The following morning he was spotted kissing her in his car as he dropped her off at an apartment. The mystery girl was still wearing the same clothes as the night before.

Russell's night of passion has left Katy, 27, reeling.

‘She's heartbroken the marriage didn't work,' says one friend. ‘Although she's trying to move on, she'd never openly parade a new relationship in front of the world while everything's still so raw.

‘She thinks Russell's been really disrespectful. She doesn't mind what he does but wishes he'd do it a little more discreetly.


  1. I feel sorry for Katy, I think she is a sweet girl, and I think he is an *sshole.
    Thanks for following me on BF, hope to see you drop by my site also.
    Take care and best wishes, you have a stunning blog.

    1. Omg I Love russell Brand that sexy beast!!! Katy Perry was not good enough for him. Russell Is a complex man with many emotional levels obviously the level you see him in most often is unfortunately with another woman.Katy Perry only has one level. The 'musical'( if you can call that music) level. And I happily end this with a song title of hers. Russell Brand was luckily the 'One that got away'.

    2. haha fuck you, shes so much better than him hes an idiot, pathetic heart-less idiot

  2. Hahahahha Katy Perry not good enough?
    What you can expect from someone sex-sick?
    Sex addicts never change. I hope she didn't get any STD from him.

  3. Omigod!! It was Russell who was not good enough for Katy.. In fact, he's not good enough for anyone! Even though he is really sexy, that was really fucking disrespectful of him to act like that to Katy.