Saturday, December 8, 2012

Megan Fox Debuts Incredible Post Baby Body

The gorgeous Megan Fox made her first official red carpet appearance since giving birth to her son Noah September 27th. Fox and her hubby Brian Austin Green attended the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Fox said, she only gained 23 lbs during pregnancy and she has about 10 more to go. Well she looks fantastic to us! You can catch her in the highly-anticipated Judd Apatow flick This is 40.


  1. Goodness, Megan Fox. How on earth does she do it?
    Love your blog by the way, I get my frequent feed of celebrity gossip! xx

  2. She is so Beautiful! Thanks Lisa for Posting such a things for us :)

  3. She's like a goddess to me. Her husband just won the lottery by marrying her. I guess I just have to find my own Megan Fox in the future. personal injury medford

  4. gaining only 23 lbs? wow! I wonder how she did that... I did not even dream of such...