Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding leaves rehab after 8 weeks

Sarah Harding has completed her 2-month stint in rehab, her spokeman has confirmed.

The Girls Aloud star, 29, was treated for alcohol abuse and depression after calling off her engagement to DJ Tom Crane, 31.

Sarah and Tom were due to marry next summer after getting engaged this New Year.

'They've been in regular contact throughout her time away but only on the phone. They've spoken most days and it seems like they could have a chance of giving it another shot,' a source tells the Sunday Mirror.

Sarah's ex Calum Best, 30, is glad that Sarah got professional help.

'Everyone has their dark times, but Sarah's strong and will come out of this period even stronger, he told us last month.

'I'll always have support and love for her. I only wish Sarah the best.

'She's an amazing girl and I know she'll pull through this.'

Sarah's always been drawn to men who share her party lifestyle - Calum was an obvious match for big nights out in 2005.

Five years on, pink-haired Sarah hadn't lost any of her rock'n'roll spirit as she hit the Ibiza club scene with DJ ex Tom.

Now she has to rethink her life.

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